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From: Marius
Subject: A fantastic dream Chapter twoCautiously I tried to walk as normal as I could and followed Mr Bugade. I
was not sure what would happen but finally we arrived in the fitness
room. He said: "Ok,what do you think abou to become fitter and to transform
some fat into hard muscles?" "Ahm,that would be fine,Mister. But sounds
like hard work too hihi" All I had in mind was my outsticking dick and I
was so afraid to have to take off my bathrobe...So I asked him if I could
go to the toilet short. He grinned at me preteen hardcore lolitas bbs
and said: "Off course you can,dont
want you to make a big mess :)" So I went back,passing the tables again
where I could see that on both tables one of the men was playing with the
boys trunks with his feet. And Mr Gaube still sat on his chair and children lolita models nude smiling
at my when I passed his table like he would say: "Oh boy,have to pack your
dick right in again?" I found my way to the toilet and went in. It was a
small one with two small toilets and two urinals. I went in one of the
toilets and took my chance to piss.When I sat down I read some phrases on
the walls:"Boy's Bathtime - the hottest way to have fun!""Cum and fu*# me!"And one text fascinated me the most: Next to a hole in the wall was written
the following:"Put yours through and your wish will come true!"My dickie which had just got limp now began to stiffen again.But I said to
myself that noone is here and so nothing will happen when suddenly the door
of the toiletroom opened and someone entered the toilet next to me. My
heart began to rush and the lustfulness overcame me again. But I wanted to
wait what would happen.The man put up the toilet cover and sat down. The
whole time I watched through the hole and had a good view on his stomach
area.He scratched it a bit which was more like a bad habit. The scratching
went over to a massaging movement when he lifted his shirt and uncovered
his hairy,manly stomach and belly button - and off course I could see his
crotch now: It was covered with thick,dark hair,following by a thick,short
dick hanging down over a big sack full of two real fat balls. His dick was
uncut like I like it most - much foreskin covered the head of his dick.I spied on him still when he touched his balls and fondling them in his
hand.He really began to play with hisself.My own dickie started to become
very hard and sticking out now and touching my stomach. I thought: If I
could see the man's crotch,the man has to see my crotch. But that didnt
interest me - I wanted to be seen more. The man put his soft,small cock in
his hand,hold it with three fingers and pulled back his foreskin,where a
real big,hard knob was uncovered.I heard him spit on it,heard the spit
splashing on his mushroom like head.He then rubbed it all over his dick to
make it very glibbery.I didnt really recognized that I started to play with
myself to dark blue lolita xxx
and instinctivly faked his moves.He had to heard me spit on my
own cock because when I did he moaned out a bit.That was so amazing for me:
until this day (or the last hour) I never had any (so public) sexual
actions and now I had the second time.I was in heaven,couldnt breath out
really good and was hypnotized by his play.He pulled his skin back over his
dickhead and pushed one finger under the skin,rubbed around the border of
his glans and so I did too.That was to much for me: seeing this hot man
playwing with hisself by knowing that he was watching me too made my dickie
to shoot a big load in the air.The cum splashed on my chest,on the wall and
(I dont know how I made this) one shoot led directly through the whole on
the man's stomach.I moaned loud when I saw the man taking my cum and
rubbing all over his cock,balls and stomach.The door of the toilet opened."Lars,what are you doing? Will you be ready
soon? I'm waiting?" It was Mr Bugade who seemed to be a bit angry with
me. "Oh sorry,I'm ready now and come out." I said with my still shaky
voice.When I got dressed again I heard the man next to me whisper: "I'll be
here tomorrow,same time." Without replying I exitted the room and entered
the steamy pool zone again.Luckily my trunks can hold back a lot lolita young teen models
everything they couldn't I think ;) so I followed Mr Bugade again.."What
the hell have you done?Fell into the toilet?" " I
daydreamed a bit,sorry Mister." I said - rather I didnt lie."Ok,now we really have to start.We chould begin with a checkup.Shall we go
into my office or don't you be ashamed to be naked?" Oh my god. Only
because of the word "naked" my meber started to stiffen again. Normally I
couldn't jerk more than 3 times a day...But 3 times in one hour?I looked around and recognized that the fitnessroom was in the directly
view of the tables (and their user). Two of the tables were empty,only at
mine Mr Gaube still sat."Well......ahm I don't know Sir.Where do you think it would be better to do
it?" I said hoping that he would say it would be ok in here."Boy,I really don't care.Ok,than we do it right here,and I think it
shouldn't take long time.Wait here,I'll get my aid."He went to his office and I was so extremely NERVOUS! I speculated if my
heart is going to hold out this... I saw Mister Gaube sitting on the chair
with his legs spread and smiling.He shortly touched his hard
nipples,playing with his hair aroung them but when he has seen Mister
Bugade came back he stopped and only watched.Mister Bugade seemed to don't
recognize the acting of the other man.Or maybe he ignored it???"Lars,take of your bathrobe first.I want to check your heart and so on
first." Slowly I followed his command and took it of."Sit on the "STRONG-MACHINE"" He pointed to a chair which was loaded up by
dumb bells,weights,butterfly arms and so on.I sat down and he came
nearer.He friendly pinched into my belly and said: "You're right,hard work
;)" I was a bit ashamed again preteen pedofilia lolita sex but he told me that it's not a problem and
the he is there to make my fitter..He checked my heartrate with the
stethoscope and asked wondered: "Wow,your heart is rushing.Are you
nervous?""Well,a bit,Sir.But that doesn't matter.I always get nervous fast." He
smiled and went on.He meassured pre teen lolita sex
my pulse and things when he mentioned:
"Your hair is starting to grow hm?" by pointing to my nipple. Immediately
this feeling of falling over came back and I really didn't know what to
say."Well, no problem,we will shave it later." For sure he recognized me
wondering about that and said: "Yes,that's real better.It will make you
faster when swimming.And if you swim faster,you will get fitter
faster...And it looks better,believe me". Again my little member got
interested and i could feel him grow."And by the way: Your trunks are very unfavourable.The best result you
would get by swimming naked or in speedos.For the workout you should wear
jocks.You have these?" Oh my god.I have to tell you that I am a real
underwear-lover and sometimes I take the tightes briefs I have,put them on
and play with me watching my in the mirror.And this hot man told me to wear
either speedos,be naked or jocks.That made my dickie grow to fullsize.Now
it tented up from my body and the loose trunks couldn't cover it. I
recognized Mister Gaube again whom I almost forgot. He noticed the action
happing in my trunks,smiled and began to play with his nips again. He sat
behind Mr Bugade so only I could see him."Ok,take of your trunks now." I was in the flow of horniness yet and only
followed his order.I stood up and put down them.There I was - in the middle
of the room,seeable for everybody how would came in, with my little friends
sticking out.I wanted to try to deflect from it by saying: "Well,can rather everybody
come into this relax zone??" Mister Bugade looked from my stiffie over my
chest into my eyes and said: "Off course not,on "Boy's Bathtime" the doors
are looked.In this time only the boys get turning to.And to thier bodies."
He kneeled down in front of me while my dick even touched his nose. It
isn't with 14cm not really big,but Mister Bugade was real near.I could feel
his breathe on my discovered dickhead.I had to smell very sweaty because of
the long way to the hotel and so on.But it seemed like he doesn't matter.He
inspected my crotch pettily when he touched my balls and pulled them
softly.He fondled them a bit when I was even over the preteen lolita gallery pictures
edge.He noticed that
and stopped for now.He walked trough my thick bush of pubic while saying:
"Oh,here we have to shave a lot,boy."He looked back into my face,grinned
and said: "Wait here,I will get the shaving things,but that could take a
few minutes,I have to go to the reception." "hmm..." Was the only thing naked little lolita pussies I
could answer. He turned around and left the room.Mister Gaube came back to
my mind again when I heard him whistling to me."Lars,come here.Come on." He had his legs now on another chair and when I
arrived at the table he spread his legs to make me a bit freeroom to sit
down.So i sat on his legs - or better said squeezed between them - NAKED."Nice hardon,boy.Second time hm? Or third? I saw a man leaving the toilet
some seconds after you did and he looked really - be yo 13 loli pic ko." He smiled down my
pecker and began to play with hisself. "Mister Bugade is going to get the
shaving things I guess?" "Yes Sir,he is." I mumbled.He played harder with
his dick through the trunks and started to moan.He pulled the legs of the
trunks up and discovered his cock: It was a hot,uncut (the foreskin was
amazing long) and big one still soft . I have to say that I fantasized alot
about playing with a soft uncut cock,sucking it and so on.So my own cock
oozed some drops of precum. At home I always wondered why it doesn't when i
jerk. Now I knew. He touched his and pulled his foreskin the whole,long way
back,uncovering his head. And I could resist. I bent down his cock and
started to play with the foreskin with my hands.Immediately it began to
produce precum as well when I sucked it in my mouth.I think Mister gaube
was shocked at first but preteen pedofilia lolita sex enjoyed it and I LOVED IT! THE SMELL,THE FEEL and
THE TASTE OF THIS OOZING SOFT COCK made me cum.It splashed on my chest and
dropped on the bottom. He also recognized it and told me to stop sucking
him and to lay back into the chair.I followed his order and he bent down
now.He licked on my piss slit to taste me."MHMMM,hot boyjuice,I LOVE IT!"
With his hand he took some cum on his own dick and lubed it with my
liquid. THAT VIEW WAS SO HOT !!!"Hey,you wanna taste it too? Come on,try! " I bent down again licked at his
cock to taste my own cum.It was hot.I could get enough of it so I started
to suck him again.I wanted more.More of this salty stuff.I sucked and
sucked.Mister Gaube breathes harder and I could feel his dickhead swells
when he forced his cock even deeper inside my mouth by pressing against my
head with his rough,manly hands.And he cummed.He spurted one,two,three,FOUR
real big loads into my throat and I was in heaven.And swallowed everything
automatically and licked his dick clean again.My own dick oozes again and
Mister Gaube said: "Wow,good job,boy.But let me taste a last time for now
;)" He pushed me back into the chair and licked my own dickie dry.It was
soft now.When we heard Mister Bugade came back Mister Gaube fast dressed
again and told me to go back to the STRONG-CHAIR. I did and wondered why
Mister Bugade mustn't know what we have done but I accepted it.I sat down the chair again and waited for Mister Bugade's arrive. When he
came back he said: "What happened to you;lars,hmm??" I didn't know,what he
meant (or better said I faked to don't know) wen he went on: "Your dickie
is soft again... And you forgot to clean your belly button"TO BE CONTINUED !!!I'm looking forward to get mails from you and will reply.
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